Rocky Bottom

Folk Slinger!!

Born and Raised in New Jersey. Rocky Bottom has lived, worked, and toured in various parts of the east coast. But Now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville Residency

One of the hardest working Musicians in Nashville HANDS DOWN! Rocky holds multiple residencies on Broadway when he's not playing shows around the country.

Hard At Work!

Rocky has released several albums and EPs over the span of his career. Including his Badfoot Records debut, "Modern Machine" Released in the summer of 2017; and is now set to release hi second!

Dive Bars And Tip Jars

Available March 21st!

3 songs recorded on analog tape at Magnetic Sound Studio. In East Nashville. 7 inch vinyl release with two original songs. Also available Digitally with the two originals and a Warren Zevon cover!!

Spring Tour 2018!!

Catch Rocky Bottom on tour this March!!

Love Bug

Official video for Love Bug. Off of Modern Machine.